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Month: February, 2013

A Literary Caucus on Philip Roth in New York Magazine

In anticipation of Philip Roth’s 80th birthday next month, New York Magazine pulled together a collection of thirty literati to discuss Roth and his oeuvre, publishing the results on their Vulture website.  Among the questions the panelists consider are: Is Roth the greatest living American novelist? What is Roth’s best book? What do you admire or dislike most […]

American Masters to Unmask Philip Roth

On Friday, March 29, PBS’s American Masters will explore the life and career of Philip Roth, often referred to as one of the greatest American writers living today. Reclusive and diffident, Roth grants very few interviews, but for this series, he has allowed a journalist to spend 10 days interviewing him on camera. The result is Philip Roth: Unmasked, […]

CFP: “Joseph C. Landis: In Memoriam”

The American Association of Professors of Yiddish is pulling together a panel for the 2014 Modern Language Association Convention, “Joseph C. Landis: In Memoriam.” For this session, they are seeking papers on topics studied by Joe Landis, the late founder of our association, e.g., studies of An-sky, Asch, Bashevis, Hirschbein, Leivik, Philip Roth, and Yiddish theater memoirs. […]