Author: Tosh Paulsen

Visual Arts and How it is Reshaped by Technology

Technology has always proven to be helpful in visual art in many instances. Designs and creations are easily done with tools and other applications readily available on the web. 3D animations created vivid characters in most of the TV shows which indirectly reshaped cosplay costumes, props, and gadgets. Missed an episode of your favorite TV …

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Money in photography

Wedding photography is among the best income generating field of photography. After you have learned the technical and innovative requirements, you feel a much better wedding photographer who maintain a wedding photography company with new customers and are able to create his clients content. If you like to increase your photography to incorporate wedding. You …

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Body Painting Tips

Body Painting Tips

Facepainting is a skill that’s equally simple and entertaining to do. Your canvass this is actually the human experience. That continues for some hours for the most part and is just temporary. In certain countries, it was completed in others; for religious traditions, to enjoy ancient ceremonies. Today, it’s done for fun. After you paint …

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Art and Leisure

The sole difference it the supplies for leisure possess a common or mass appeal, commoners can understand quickly it while art requires are fined sense of knowledge. The distinction between a James Bond film along with Van Gogh’s pictures. One is art another is leisure. However, your brain is relaxing and producing a wonderful sensation. …

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