Event Decorations and Design Ideas

One of the challenges that an event organizer would have in planning would be deciding on what decorations should the venue have to attract and amaze the guests. It wouldn’t really be a piece of cake, however, if visual art is your cup of tea or at least you have a knowledge on it then having the ball on your court should be easy.

Most of the time when a venue has been decided, you would use your imagination on how you picture the event would be. Sometimes the challenge would come from the structure of the place thus your creativity will be tested. Among the best places to decorate are those at Party Venues Orange County. You can check out their site to give you a more visual look. 

Visual art is a form of art where your skill in creating things using your hand is being applied such as drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, architecture and filmmaking. How do we apply this in decorating a venue? Here are some tips you may check:

Decide on the tone and atmosphere of the place

For you to be able to come up with the tone and atmosphere of the place, you have to decide what is the theme of the event. If this has been done, then choosing the decorations and materials to use would be easy.

Think about your event goals

It has been a common error among organizers including concert planners, when applying decorations they tend to forget to create a goal on what they would want their guest to feel. Meaning, saying that you would want to have fun and an extravagant event is not enough. You have to be specific on what you really want your audience to see and feel.

Be familiar with the venue

Before starting doing the decorations and buying the material you need, make sure that you are well familiar with the venue you have picked or chosen. You need to know what are the facilities the place have and where to find them so would you know where and where not place your decorations.

Creating your table centerpiece

Simply placing the tables and chairs is not enough. You have to come up with the perfect color for the tablecloth and chair cover. Then to make it look more fabulous, do table scallop on the tablecloths and chair covers. After which, in the center of the table you have to decide what kind of art piece would you put. A floral arrangement has been a common centerpiece, try to think out of the box and apply something that can make your theme alive such as various figures, statutes, tableware, and lighting sources.

Be attentive to height and texture

When adding a decoration, centerpiece or furnishing, think of what would the item give as an impact to your guests.having items with the exact height and texture make your guest respond to space and it can control the atmosphere like audience may feel a fresh environment, smooth, modern and more.

Choosing your color motif

When choosing colors please make sure that you are not thinking of applying the rainbow colors and have a colorful venue for the event. Be sure that when you are choosing a color, it goes well with the theme of the event. In addition, when applying a different color, be sure that these colors compliment each other.