Everything in Art is Confusing

Visual art is any art that includes the mediums of painting, architecture, film, printmaking, photography and drawing. As a matter of fact, it isn’t that hard to know more about these mediums since many artists hire lifestyle write for us to inform people and other interested individuals about this type of art. Truth is, most of these art pieces are made to stimulate its viewers via visual experience. If we are going to look at it thoroughly and attentively, they are frequently provoking some kind of feeling that only the viewer would feel.

Within visual arts, there’s a category called as craft or decorative arts. This type of art is more of a utilitarian and also, has function but remains artistic and demanding talent and skill to create. Decorative arts do include the following:

  • Furniture Making
  • Ceramics
  • Interior Design
  • Jewelry Making
  • Textiles
  • Metal Crafting and;
  • Woodworking

The Arts

The Arts” as a term has story behind it. During Middle Ages, the arts were limited only to 7 categories and didn’t’ involve making of anything for people to actually take a look at. They were more inclined to grammar, dialectic logic, rhetoric, geometry, arithmetic, astronomy as well as music.

Adding to the confusion, these 7 arts were referred as “fine arts” to distinguish it from usuful arts since only “fine” people or those who didn’t do any manual labor studied them. Presumably, it is safe to say that people who are making useful arts were extremely busy in being useful to have education.

Is it “Fine Arts” or Not?

In the world of Visual Arts, people are still making distinctions between “fine arts” and everything else. If you are not into arts, then it may really be confusing at some point and it could change depending on who you are talking to. For example, sculpture and painting are nearly automatically considered as fine arts. Decorative arts which are sometimes exhibiting craftsmanship and finer nature than some of the so-called “fine arts” aren’t considered as “fine”.

Not only that, there are instances in which visual artists are referring themselves or being referred by others as fine artists than a commercial artist. Again, depending on who you are talking to, it will direct whether an art is “fine” or not.