Netherlands: School Of Visual Arts in Breda

Art Design School | St. Joost is a member of Avans University of Applied Sciences and has over 200 years of artistic education experience. This university will help ambitious emerging professionals build a solid position in fast-growing areas. The University is a few miles to Grote Kerk and Amsterdam and you can just ride a Taxi Breda bestellen from there. 

The school was founded in 1812 at Academy Imperial Erroyald Pentur and S-Hertogenbosch was founded by Sculpt Eto architecture. Beverende Kunst, founded in Breda in 2004, merged with Beeldende Kunst to establish a master’s degree in 1945 and the Academy was established in its present form. With cross-disciplinary cross-pollination as the top priority, in 2016, all master’s programs will be integrated into one place. The new M.I(MAster Insittute) is located in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and the facility shall be done in 2020.


Students from all over the world, all major art centers in Europe, are just a few hours away from the University of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Short trips and professional cooperation in and out of Europe are also an integral part of the curriculum. Positive agendas for invited speakers and speakers have been developed and the Institute handles relationships with leading organizations in the Netherlands and different countries around the world.

Netherlands: Have Fun And Paint

The Visual Arts Design & Architecture Foundation, known in the Netherlands as Fonds BKVB, is a national agency that helps visual artists, designers, architects, and cultural intermediaries develop their works in a variety of ways.

Funds BKVB also supports projects, research, overseas education, travel and publications.

This fund is particularly active in the field of internationalization. You can visit the locations and studios of artists (AIR) from other cities around the world. Fonds BKVB also offers temporary artist residences in the Netherlands. With AIR, you can apply for multidisciplinary research on specific research topics to architects, visual artists, designers, and theorists every three years.