Painting on the Rock – An Art of Wildlife Conservation

The program “Artists for Conservation” has a campaign goal on giving emphasis on the how people may help in wildlife conservation. This campaign was started last November 2018 and bring focus on the significance of everyone’s participation. The battle against wildlife destruction is also a way for enhancing the art industry. Moreover, this campaign also improve the field of visual art and its representation. Every artist are given the chance to submit paintings of wildlife animals that they want to protect.


How Art Becomes a Tool for Wildlife Protection

Lots of artists and wildlife believers embraced and participated on the campaign. The best painting was awarded to Subodh Nemlekar. He received the award by declaring his compassion to wildlife animals through painting on hand-size rocks. This is in contrast with the art practiced by wildlife photographers using a trail cam that is usually stored on a trail camera lock box.

Nemlekar makes a canvas on natural rocks and utilizes the organic paints to show compassion for the wilderness. The idea of his artwork becomes a tool which distributes the information of wildlife preservation and protection. The goal of this message is to be heard by numbers of countries around USA and South Africa. His artwork was chosen primarily because of his full awareness and concern of the nature. In his artwork, he make sure that he utilizes eco-friendly materials.


The beginning of his passion

Nemlekar decided and began his painting career the day his wife bought herself a fabric paint. He began painting on Canvas. His subject was the importance of wildlife protection. Nemlekar believes that art connects all of the human beings.

Even though we are divided by our individual differences, traditions, and beliefs, art is always there to reconnect us to each other.

For him, his rock painting artwork represents a connection of unity with nature as all the materials are natural and organic. His artwork is an affordable tool to spread the message of wildlife conservation. Moreover, he feels proud when someone appreciate his rock art. He believes that appreciating his work also means the beginning of participation in the campaign for wildlife protection.