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Below is a collection of handouts, syllabi, and other resources that have been used in the classroom when teaching Philip Roth.  They are provided by members of the Philip Roth Society, editorial board members of Philip Roth Studies, and friends of the society who have taught Roth’s books in the past.  The contributions are organized by Syllabi, Handouts and Multimedia resources, and are listed with the names of the instructors who created them.



Andrew Gordon

Syllabus for an undergraduate course on major literary figures, focusing on Philip Roth

Derek Parker Royal

Syllabus for a graduate course on major figures in American literature, focusing exclusively on Philip Roth

Ruth Knafo Setton

Syllabus for an undergraduate course on Roth’s fiction


Andrew Gordon

A Glossary for Yiddish in Portnoy’s Complaint

Derek Parker Royal

The narrative structure of The Counterlife

Story events in Patrimony

A bibliography used in a discussion on The Human Stain

The narrative adventures of Nathan Zuckerman


James Bloom

PowerPoint presentation on “Defender of the Faith” and “Eli, the Fanatic”

PowerPoint presentation on American Pastoral

PowerPoint presentation on I Married a Communist

PowerPoint presentation on The Human Stain

PowerPoint presentation on The Plot Against America

PowerPoint presentation on Indignation