The Philip Roth Society

Official home of the Philip Roth Society


Founded in 2002, the Philip Roth Society is an organization devoted to the study and the appreciation of the writings of Philip Roth.  Its goal is to encourage the exchange of ideas and texts concerning this most significant author through discussions, panel presentations at scholarly conferences, and journal publications.  In order to accomplish this, the Society provides the following:

  • Membership Newsletter
  • Philip Roth Studies, a Refereed Journal Devoted to Roth Scholarship
  • Information on Announcements and Upcoming Events
  • Calls for Papers Devoted to Roth’s Fiction
  • Extensive List of Bibliographical Resources

The Philip Roth Society welcomes both academic and non-academic readers alike. The Society is a non-profit community of readers and scholars and has no official affiliation with either Philip Roth or his publishers.