The Beauty of Artistic Parquet Floors

Parquet floors are a type of wood flooring that is typically made of wood planks. They can have a wide range of styles, materials, and finishes. The word ‘parquet’ comes from the French word parquet meaning plank. In this post, a Denver flooring company installation services, Calabrese Co provides us with information on how to add art to a wooden parquet floor.

A Carpet? No, An Art on Parquet!

If rooms are to look fresh again, the walls often get a new coat of paint. So why shouldn’t a little color add an eye-catching accent to a parquet floor? Painting the noble wooden covering and decorating it with pictures and patterns is by no means a sacrilege. Instead, walk-in works of art can be created that make their respective room a special eye-catcher. However, it is crucial that the parquet is glued firmly to the subsurface over the entire surface.

Art on Parquet Floors

What looks like a carpet is in reality great art: not only can walls appear in a new light with a coat of paint, but parquet can also be creatively painted and designed according to the wishes of the residents. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the professional first glue it firmly over the entire surface.

  • Varnish is Important: In order to be able to clean the painted parquet later without any problems, we recommend treating the surface with varnish. In order for this to stick, the parquet should be sanded down before painting, which is why it must be firmly glued over the entire surface.
  • Full Surface Gluing and Sanding: In order for the parquet to remain beautiful for as many decades as possible, the laying and full-surface gluing as well as sanding is best done by the parquet layer. He has the necessary expertise and knows how to proceed. If products that bear quality marks such as the EC1 seal are then used when gluing the parquet and varnishing, maximum healthy living is also guaranteed thanks to the lowest possible evaporation. In this way, residents not only benefit from their elegant parquet for a long time but also from their chic floor artworks.

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Conclusion: Artistic Parquet Floors

Many people have been getting creative with the ideas they have for home decorating. One of these ways is to make parquet floors look more like art. This is a great way to add a layer of interest and beauty to an area such as a living room, or hallway that would otherwise be dull and boring. There are many different ways to achieve these effects, including painting the floor or framing it. Either way, Professionals in the flooring industry can make your floor achieve the best artistic results.