Visual art: Making decorations out of wood

Wood is a natural and renewable raw material that has a special effect in the garden and, as a decorative material, fits organically into the environment. Home-made decorations made of wood look cheaper and more beautiful.

Protect wood from the weather

Even when using hardwood, it must be noted that the fibers are sensitive to moisture. They soak up the moisture, which causes the fibers to puff up. As a result, the wood no longer looks appealing. It also weathers faster.

Effective moisture protection is therefore very important for the decorations in the garden and should be planned for immediately after completion.

You can check ways on how to protect wood online while browsing

Materials for the craftwork

Before starting the handicraft work, have all the materials and tools you need ready. This includes:

  • Craft wood: mainly thin chipboard or soft wooden boards made of pine or spruce
  • Wood protection: clear or colored/alternative: wood varnish either clear or colored
  • Big scissors
  • Fretsaw or small jigsaw
  • Alternative: small hand saw
  • File or plane to smooth the wood

Gathering ideas is also a very important basis for home-made decoration. Inspirations can come from the Internet or from magazines that are available in stores. Books that deal with the topic also provide valuable tips.

If you want to create a harmonious overall picture, choose your decorations so that they match the plants and the system. Color matching the flowers of the plants or the fruits gives the garden an appealing and equally homogeneous look.

Nice ideas for decorations made of wood

The possibilities to decorate your garden with wooden elements are endless. Figures that are closely related to nature are often set up. These are usually animals or flowers. A tree made of wood and painted can also look very beautiful.

Inside, a candle can be placed, which not only has a decorative effect but if you choose variants with special anti-mosquito ingredients, you also drive away these annoying pests. Figures made of wood, self-made garden furniture or wind chimes are not only eye-catching but can have a practical use as well.