Examine the Connections between Music and Art

The notion that there is a connection between music and visual arts has been proven decades ago by artists who use music in exploring their creativity.

As early as the 1900s, numerous artists attributed their ability to express the way they envision things around them and how they feel, by putting the effects of music on their work of art.

Jackson Pollock : Modern Artist Who Best Exemplifies the Connection Between Music and Art

Renowned American artist Jackson Pollock is one of the most accurate examples of a painter whose career as a virtual artist, carried the direct influence of music on his creations. Jackson is largely recognized for his painting technique, which subsequently revolutionized the meaning of abstract expressionism.

Similar to his love for jazz music, Pollock’s abstract paintings expressed freedom to create art without having to follow artistic norms and using the full force of his body. Even in the early stages of his career as a painter, Jackson Pollock was already noted for his rhythmic use of paint; pouring out liquid colors on canvas laid on floors. He later developed and called the method “the drip technique.”

Jackson’s wife and fellow artist Lee Krasner said her husband loved jazz music; oftentimes attending jazz performances at the Five Spot in New York. Lee Krasner had once described how Jackosn, for three days running, would get into groove by listening to jazz records of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Count Basie, whilst saying

jazz was “the only other creative thing happening in the country.”

A modern art critic once remarked that one can relate the flare, fury and spatter of Jackson Pollock’s artwork to the qualities of jazz music, “free form, energetic and full of harmonious and rhythmic complexities.

Sadly, Pollock died young at 44, arising from complications caused by his addiction to alcohol. He never saw the day when his Number 17A fetched US$200 million in a private purchase that was reported to have transpired in 2016.

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