Five Art Documentaries You Will Want To Watch

Are you bored? Trying to find something to watch? Check out these documentaries about art. Here is a brand-new list, we include the finest shows that art lovers will surely appreciate. See Pablo Picasso close at work or get to know Cindy Sherman. Watch more documentaries like this for free –

Must-Watch Documentaries For The Artist

1. 2011 – Eames: The Architect & The Painter 

Charles Eames, an architect and a designer together with wife Ray, also an artist, are among the most powerful trendsetters in the America. Together, they made a great contribution to contemporary architecture, furnishings and fine art as a whole. With archival material and new talks with friends, collaborators and also professionals, this excellent film shows the story.

2. 2010 – Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Beautiful Child 

An outstanding document exploring the life and art of the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. In the direction of by Tamra Davis artist, this movie shows the pictures and the peculiarities of Basquiat in downtown New York in 80 interviews.

3. 2009 – Art of Steals

The documentary narrates the story of the battle for the Barnes Foundation’s control, among the best selections of impressionist and modern art in the world. It is valued around $ 25 billion worth. Political collection of the Merion which is contrary to the will and testimony of his founder, Albert C. Barnes.

4. 2008 – The Cool School

Narration done by Jeff Bridges, the film looks at the surge in the Los Angeles art arena, which has established a counterculture opposes the abstract expression of the art movement in New York. Ferus Gallery featured influential owners Walter Hopps together with Irving Blum and told the storyplot of how a tiny group of artisans like Ed Kienholz changed the artistry in American culture.

5. 1956 – Le mystère Picasso 

This document provides the Pablo Picasso creation process. Along with a one-sided transparent canvas, the camera tracks every master’s activities, providing audiences a look at artistic paintings of one of the most famous artists in the twentieth century.