Ice Sculpture in Your Wedding Event for that Perfect Visual Artistry

Wedding receptions are big and unforgettable events that create long and ever lasting memories. The least thing that you want to happen here is to have an ice sculptor collapsing or melting in the centerpiece along the possibility of ruining the event. Putting an ice sculpture on a warm and sunny day, or perhaps in a condition to which heat is high are enough reasons to hasten the sculpture’s melting process. Having said that, preventing ice sculpture from melting during an event should be given with thorough consideration.

Only Clear Ice for the Ice Sculptures

It is highly recommended to make use of clear ice sculptures. This is due to the reason that they are better in reflecting natural light and give off glowing white quality that suits perfectly with traditional wedding. Colored ice doesn’t let light to easily pass through and therefore, absorbing it and expedites the melting process.

Put the Sculpture in a Room that’s Temperature-Controlled

Whenever possible, try maintaining a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit or even lower for an ice sculpture that weighs 300 pounds. Such sculpture is actually the standard weight of 2 block sculpture. Steer clear of positioning your sculptures outdoors, especially in direct sunlight.

As much as possible, put the sculpture in part of the room where it has the coolest temperature. Keep sculptures in shade and also, away from windows or perhaps, extreme heat of the stage lights. Ideally, position the sculpture close to a central air conditioner vent or in a portable cooling device.

The Bigger the Better

If you will be putting an ice sculpture for your event, it is strongly recommended to make it big and thick. Talk to your ice sculptor that it is how you wanted it to be. After all, this is an easy fix for them since they will just be adding more ice to it. While a standard ice sculpture can last for an average of 6-hours in a temperature-controlled environment, increasing its weight will also help in prolonging its lifespan.

This is true if it has to sit out for long period of time before the arrival of the newlyweds and their guests. Also, reading this review can ensure that you’ll get in shape, perfect for your big day!