Showcasing Your Visual Artworks to the World Through YouTube

If you are one of the many modern day artists still seeking to enhance the visibility of your creative works, a practical way of embarking on this mission is by creating and publishing relevant contents via the YouTube platform.

Now more than ever, artworks and art pieces have great relevance in a world that is fast ravaging as a result of man’s quest for power and wealth. Judging by the thousands of people who visit major art galleries, ordinary people look to art as confirmation that they are not alone in their views and perceptions. After all, today’s visual artists continue to use their creativity and artistic skills not only in capturing form and beauty, but also in conveying powerful social, political and cultural messages.

Not every art enthusiast though, has the luxury of time to visit the galleries where they can discover artworks that appeal to their beliefs and emotions. Thankfully, there are now YouTube videos featuring artworks that would have stayed tucked away in some studio, or in some parts of the world, passively waiting to be discovered.

Having one’s art pieces exhibited in a gallery show is one of the best ways to monetize your artworks, Yet YouTube videos are in many ways far-reaching; capable of increasing the number of audience wanting to include your work in their art collection.

Consider YouTube’s Amazing Viewer Statistics

When YouTube was first activated in February 14, 2005 it already showed promise as a platform that has potential to attract information seekers coming from all walks of life. Its viewership reached a point that convinced Google, the platform was worth acquiring at a price of $1.65 billion.

As Google started rolling adverts and continued developing the YouTube platform, the number of daily views had reached as many 2 billion by May 2010. The platform underwent transformation as a social media ground, where as many as 1 billion active users made daily visits, by the year 2013.

Today, YouTube ranks as the second largest search engine in the world, whilst the second most visited Internet domain after Google. As a social media platform, as many as 1.9 billion active users visit different YouTube channels on a daily basis, to which users upload around 400 hours of videos every minute.

Among those billions of active viewers and users are art aficionados, museum curators, promoters, organizers, businesses or even ordinary people looking for unique visual artworks. Some may simply want to appreciate the beauty of artistic creations, many are interested to learn, while others may be looking for visual art pieces from which to profit by way of art dealership. It is just a matter of reaching them by way of relevant and interesting content.

However, you need to put your YouTube channel in their line of browsing choices. If the tasks involved present daunting challenges for you, hire marketers in the social media marketing world (smm-world). They can furnish you with tools and resources in improving your channel’s visibility. .