How Important is Visual Arts in a Student’s Education

We all know that using visual arts has a lot of benefits and potential especially in a child’s learning process. It is vital to learn some terms to understand visual arts. Here are some important terms

  • What is visual art. This is any artwork, such as drawing, painting, ceramic, or photography that appeals primarily to the visual sense.
  • This is the theory of perceiving and enjoying something for its beauty and pleasurable qualities. The theory of perceiving and enjoying something for its beauty and pleasurable qualities. It tries to categorize and explain our responses to art forms.
  • This is the materials used to create artworks, such as clay or paint. The singular for media is medium.
  • Abstract Art. A style of art that does not show a realistic subject. It usually includes geometric shapes, bold colors and lines.
  • Representational art. A style of art that shows an easily identifiable, realistic subject. Representational art can include human or animal figures, landscapes, cityscapes or still lives.
  • Focal Point. A way to show emphasis in an artwork in which the artist sets an element apart from the others to create a visual center of interest.

Here are some benefits of visual arts when integrated in education:

  1. Visual arts provide students with the opportunities for students to be involved in creative problem solving, introspection and retrospection.
  2. Visual arts in education encourages communication and collaboration.
  3. Visual arts creates opportunities for students to think clearly and creatively.
  4. Visual Arts engages student’s in critical dialogue, helps them develop problem solving skills and teaches students to take risks.
  5. Visual arts helps students self-assess. It teaches them to use formative assessment principles.
  6. Through Visual arts art teachers and students engage in real time and formative dialogue. It teaches them to discuss of the things they have done. Or the things they would be doing in the future.
  7. Using visual arts in varied forms will boost self-esteem and a sense of belonging.

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