Differences Between Computer Graphics And Visual Effects

Various graphic technologies are used in blockbuster movies, and it has become possible to create powerful and beautiful images with a computer. In addition to CG, which is familiar to the ears, VFX and SFX are also used as graphic technologies.

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Here, we have summarized the VFX technology that is indispensable for creating powerful and beautiful images in modern times, the difference between CG and VFX technology, and SFX.

What is VFX?
VFX is an abbreviation of “Visual Effects” and means visual effects. VFX is an effect used in movies and TV dramas that use special effects to realize screen effects that cannot actually be seen in reality. A simpler explanation is to use a digital camera or computer to process the image. For example, VFX is the process of erasing a wire from an image taken by wire action or taking a picture of a sunken ship passenger and combining it with the CG of the ship to create an image. VFX has the effect of synthesizing a fictitious image created with a real thing and finishing it so that it does not feel strange, and you can make a fictitious world like fantasy look like it is real.

Video work famous for VFX
Transformers Series, Lord of the Rings Series, Benjamin Button Toy Story, etc.

Difference between CG and VFX
CG stands for computer graphics and refers to images produced by a computer. In the case of video, 3DCG animation is often called CG. For example, 3DCG animation is used in animated movies and beautiful graphics games. VFX, on the other hand, creates images using 3DCG and processes them in combination with actual images. Both VFX and CG have the same point that they process images using a computer. The difference between the two can be drawn by whether it is a full animation created by creating all the characters and backgrounds from scratch, or by synthesizing it with the actual video. However, nowadays, computers are used so often that the difference between CG and VFX is not so clear because they are produced using each technology in a complicated manner. Another reason why the boundary between CG and VFX is blurred is that the technology has advanced so much that it is difficult to distinguish between actual images and detailed graphics.

What is SFX?
SFX is an abbreviation for Special Effects, which means special shooting. It refers to a technology that creates images that are impossible in reality by applying special effects to the images. VFX and CG are common in that they “create things that are impossible in reality with images.” SFX technology can be divided into those based on art and stage equipment, and those based on photography technology and optical processing, but there are some that can now be done only by optical processing but by digital processing. The digital processing here corresponds to VFX and CG. Before digital processing became mainstream as it is now, miniatures, costumes, suit actors, special make-ups, gunpowder, explosives, wire actions, etc. were used, and the specific technology was bullet time and blue back. Shooting and screen processes were being carried out. However, the digital processing of these technologies has made it possible to reduce the number of manpower, and it has become possible to produce images without large-scale shooting.

Video work famous for SFX
A Space Odyssey, Jurassic Park, Alien, etc.