The Relationship of Creativity and High IQ

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I have spent a great deal of time analyzing the connection between measured intelligence (IQ) and imaginative capability. It would appear that there’s really a fantastic reason why a lot of artists have typical IQ (which you can determine with an online IQ test free) and some individuals with incredibly high IQ battle to be inventive.

Getzels & Jackson

As an example, a quite well-known 1962 research from Getzels and Jackson, analyzed high school pupils for IQ and innovative thinking. The end was intriguing. It revealed that high IQ and high levels of imagination tended to become mutually exclusive. Nearly all the top-scoring students were highly inventive individuals or they have been exceptionally intelligent, but not equally.


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Dr. Donald MacKinnon: Creative thinking is an art that can be heard

The overdue inventive thinking pro, Psychology Professor Dr. Donald MacKinnon, analyzed imagination for a long time. He detected scientists, authors, engineers, and physicians, who had been considered as exceptionally inventive by their own coworkers and discovered they were not any more apt, compared to their creative counterparts. He reached the conclusion that provided that someone had an essential, minimum degree of intellect, they might possibly be (at least) as imaginative as somebody with a high IQ.

Dr. MacKinnon thought that imagination was merely a means of working together on your thoughts, which might be learned and enhanced. He called inventive thinkers individuals who only learned how to perform their thoughts, in a means that enabled them to grow creatively. Actually, he stated that the most inventive folks were people who had been childlike within their lively approach to imagination.

I am able to report that Dr. MacKinnon’s job is in full equilibrium with my experience. I had been considered of very low imagination during my initial 25 decades. But, I have been able to significantly boost my creativity through figuring out how to work with my thoughts more creatively and from learning how to hope my imagination.

Yes, even you’re creative!

Once over 20 years analyzing creative thinking, it is my absolute opinion that everyone can discover to become creative, as long as they’re curious and they research creativity. In reality, this has been the principal reason I made this website; To assist as many folks as I could, be as creative as possible.