Visual Art In Clothing And Fashion

The attempt to look at the aesthetics of clothing from the point of view of social mores and traditions is justified. After all, the clothes correspond to their epoch, which determines the symbolic language of the clothes. Limiting the manufacture of clothing to this approach, however, reduces it to the status of a craft.

When a piece of clothing is the result of the work of a talented fashion designer and the customer uses it not only to cover or decorate his body, it becomes the garment is perceived in a larger aesthetic context, such as in architecture, music or painting. What you wear on your body always has an aesthetic meaning. Even if their artistic value does not meet the requirements of high art, clothing is an extension of individuality. Clothing in Zeev Import can reveal a lot about their style, tastes, preferences and values.

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Visual art: Women’s clothing as a cultural phenomenon

Clothing as an artifact of the time can accurately represent its era. It functions as a complex cultural phenomenon. It reflects prevailing tastes, society’s ideas and the current concept of beauty. Apart from its abstract formal qualities and its functional function, a garment always has symbolic and semantic content. Like the best works of art, the clothes represent the pinnacle of the creativity of their creators.

The basis of modern clothing and its basic function is to show as completely and authentically as possible an individual and self-confident image of man. This is connected to many other imaginary and idealized representations of the human body. Fashionable trousers beautifully emphasize the grace of the female figure. They are an indispensable element of modern women’s wardrobe. They clearly stand out from the monotonous models offered in some stores.

The art of dressing beautifully

As in the fine arts, the power that clothing exerts on people lies in its specific properties. These qualities are closely related to art.  Art helps to recognize and express them. Clothing shapes the image of a person. It is in constant interaction with the methods that artists use in creating works of art.

Creativity and the art of dressing beautifully are not only influenced by the skills of the fashion designer. They do not end when a finished piece of clothing. The women themselves can contribute a lot to their own image using the variety of choices, styles and interesting creative ideas.